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The bookstores we list here are just some of the many online bookstores, book-clubs and newspapers which now inhabit the Web. Some offer much more than just books - including everything from software to music and more - but, if it's books you're after, this is a good place to start. According to your location, you may wish to the list the bookstores by country; they can be displayed by United States, Canada, United Kingdom or all together.

Each online bookstore has its own advantages - for example, some of the bookstores listed offer used books as well as new books, some are geared more towards student textbooks or technical books while shipping charges can vary considerably throughout. Therefore, we encourage you to take some time to visit several bookstores to find the deal that best suits your requirements before actually purchasing.

United States Bookstores, In Alphabetical Order:

A1Books (A1 Books no longer appears to operate). A1Books (all one word), has been around quite a while longer than some similar stores - in fact since 1995 - and books can generally be found discounted by quite reasonable amounts. Besides books, A1Books also offers other products, although many of these are from third-parties, rather than direct from A1Books. Prices all in U.S. dollars, and A1Books currently only ships within the U.S.A. Overall, we generally find the website easy to navigate, although pages can sometimes be a little slow to load.
  • A1Books Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Abebooks.com Abebooks.com was launched on the Internet in 1996 and offers an enormous collection of rare, used, and out-of-print books through its network of over 10,000 independent booksellers. Abebooks lists more than 40 million titles at any one time, with prices in U.S. dollars. Abebooks also operate websites for the U.K. (Abebooks UK), Germany and France. Of all the online stores offering used books, Abebooks tends to be one of the better destinations.
  • Abebooks.com Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Alibris Books Alibris is a different kind of bookstore animal altogether, providing a unique selection of rare books, first editions, autographs, out-of-print, out-of-stock books, maps and the like, from independent sellers worldwide. Alibris is one of the more established online bookstores and, of any other online bookstore, is probably most similar to Abebooks. Excellent features exist at Alibris for locating that elusive book, and if you're a book collector, then Alibris was made for you.
  • Alibris Books Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Amazon.com Founded in 1996, Amazon.com is now one of the most popular online shopping destinations, and is amongst the biggest online booksellers, listing hundreds of thousands of books at any one time. Besides Amazon's own inventory, a huge range of new and used books is also available from the many third-party sellers listed at Amazon. Also, unique to Amazon, is the handy "Search Inside" feature, which allows customers to view book pages, and search inside certain books. However, books are just one of the many product ranges available from the Amazon website, and you'll also discover a wide array of other products, from electronics and auto-parts, to musical instruments, magazines and much more.
  • Amazon.com Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Audible.com Audible is now part of Amazon.com, and any Audible.com links on our site will direct you to the Amazon website.
Audible.com is probably one of the most well-known web-destinations for audio-books and digital audio entertainment. Audible.com provides customers with over 70,000 hours of audio programs from over 200 content partners. Example content includes digital audio books, audio magazines, newspapers, radio programs (Charlie Rose, BBC Newshour, The Bob Edwards Show to name just a few) and much more. Audible.com products can be downloaded and listened to on an iPod, Palm Handheld, Pocket PC, Audible Otis MP3 player, a computer, or on burned CD's, with numerous free samples available to listen to on the Audible.com website.
  • Audible.com Website      • Shipping Information      • Preview Books Save to My Bookstores 

Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble.com is one of the few online bookstores, which also has real "bricks and mortar" stores, operated by Barnes & Noble Inc, with hundreds of stores throughout the United States. Making good use of the Barnes & Noble brand, Barnes & Noble.com offers online customers a premium destination for books, music, DVD, video games, and related products and services. Between actual stores and online operations, Barnes & Noble sells almost 445 million books per year, and Barnes & Noble has been ranked the No. 1 retail brand for quality in America for the last five consecutive years by Harris Interactive.
  • Barnes & Noble Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Barrister Books Barrister Books - as the name should suggest - is an online law bookstore. While you may not find the latest Harry Potter books here, you will find student law books covering everything from admiralty law to criminal procedure to sports law - and the list goes on. If you're looking to buy law books, then we can recommend Barrister Books as being a very reasonable first stop. Prices are all in U.S. dollars, and shipping is free on all orders over $49.
  • Barrister Books Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Biblio Biblio.com is a leading online source for quality used, rare, and out-of-print books. With an inventory of more than 50 million books, offered by numerous other vendors, Biblio brings book lovers and collectors together with the books they are looking for. Whether you're looking for great reading copies at discount prices, some of the most scarce or hard-to-find titles, or deep savings (up to 90%) on college textbooks, there's generally more than a good book or two that you'll find at Biblio.
  • Biblio Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

BiggerBooks.com BiggerBooks.com is owned by "A Book Company, LLC", which was formed in 2001, and is the same company that operates the better-known eCampus Web-site, which dedicates itself to student-related books and products. BiggerBooks, however, is dedicated soley to selling discounted new and used books. Nothing too fancy here, but the simple, clean, and easy to navigate pages, makes finding books straightforward. Prices in U.S. dollars, and free shipping on orders of $59 or more.
  • BiggerBooks.com Website      • Shipping Information      • Preview Books Save to My Bookstores 

Blackwell, USA (Blackwell's USA no longer appears to be available.) Blackwell's Online Bookstore is among the handful of online booksellers whom also boast a high street presence, and is amongst the most established booksellers in the world. Established more than 125 years ago in the UK, in 1879, Blackwell is still a family-owned business today, but now has much broader interests, including Blackwell Publishing, the leading academic book and journal publisher, and Blackwell Limited, the retail and library supply business. At Blackwell's U.S. based website, North American customers can purchase a wide variety of titles, all priced in U.S. dollars.
  • Blackwell, USA Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Book of The Month Club The Book of The Month Club, operated by Booksonline, offers a vast selection of today's popular novels, intriguing biographies & histories, thrillers & lots more, with significant savings off publishers' edition prices, together with a generous dose of exclusive offerings and special promotions; so, if you're an avid reader then you'll be likely to make some significant savings. The Book of The Month Club website also provides author interviews and exclusive excerpts, amongst other features.
  • Book of The Month Club Website Save to My Bookstores 

BookCloseouts BookCloseOuts.com is the online presence of The Book Depot - one of the largest North American "remainder" bookstores. The BookCloseOuts' website is easy to navigate and prices are always competitive, with a wide range of book titles in various genres. Response times to our queries have to date been impressive. BookCloseOuts is based in Canada, but prices are provided in U.S. dollars, and BookCloseouts does ship internationally, unlike many online bookstores.
  • BookCloseouts Website      • Shipping Information      • Preview Books Save to My Bookstores 

Bookpool (This book site no longer appears to operate). Bookpool specializes in technical books, most especially computing-related books. You'll probably be able to find most of these books elsewhere too, but prices on many book titles at Bookpool tend to be competitive, and are often worth a second glance. A smaller range than some book sites, but an easy site to navigate. Prices are provided in U.S. dollars, but Bookpool does also ship internationally.
  • Bookpool Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Books-A-Million Books-A-Million is one of the largest book retailers in the U.S. and offers customers deep discounts at its online bookstore, Booksamillion.com. However, Booksamillion.com operates separately from Books-A-Million retail bookstores, with the stores and website each featuring different products and pricing. The Books-A-Million website has a huge inventory available, and is a pleasure to browse; you'll also find a good audio-book section at the website, together with magazines and much else.
  • Books-A-Million Website      • Shipping Information      • Preview Books Save to My Bookstores 

BookSense (This site has since morphed into the IndieBound.org site). BookSense.com is all about buying books from your local bookstore. Your purchases are actually fulfilled by a local, independent bookseller, according to the zip code you provide. The purchasing process is very straightforward, and it provides a great way for you to support your local bookshops, and to enjoy the detailed knowledge, and passion, of independent booksellers nationwide. Prices are all provided in U.S. dollars. However, while dealing with the independent sellers is often a pleasure, trying to elicit a response from BookSense themselves often proves more problematic.
  • BookSense Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Booksonline.com Booksonline.com is a leading direct marketer of general interest and specialty book clubs, such as Book of the Month Club, and currently serves more than 8.5 million members. Booksonline book-clubs offer massive savings off publisher book prices, and there are more than 30 book clubs to choose from, so there's rarely a shortage of good choices. The book clubs cover a diverse range of interests and also include large-print bestsellers, as well as childrens' books and many other topics too.
  • Booksonline.com Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Buy.com Buy.com offers a wide selection of books at always-competitive prices but also offers a variety of other goods too, especially electrical and technical. When launched in 1997, Buy.com featured just 30,000 high-tech products, but now offers over 2 million products in categories ranging from computer hardware and software to electronics, cellular, movies, music, sporting goods and more. Buy.com also has operations in the UK and Canada, where prices are displayed in the local currency.
  • Buy.com Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Christianbook Christianbook.com is the online home of Christian Book Distributors (CBD), a company that was started long before the World Wide Web existed and before personal computers were commonplace, as they are today. Today, CBD continues to grow and offers customers many more products than ever before, with more than 60 different catalogs and over 200,000 different Christian books, videos, CDs, cassettes, gifts, toys, games and more to choose from. Christianbook.com also features author profiles, book excerpts, author interviews, and other more general book information.
  • Christianbook Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

ClassBook.com The ClassBook website - another book site for textbooks - has morphed from its original form several years ago into what is now described as being "designed exclusively with the needs of independent primary and secondary schools in mind.." However, while the website is nicely presented, and the usefulness of such a service may be obvious, we'll refrain from the usual accolades, since our original impression of Classbook.com was that both the customer support and the ClassBook search-engine were sadly lacking. There are lots of other textbook stores, so spend time looking around.
  • ClassBook.com Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

e316.com Christian Bookstore (e316.com Bookstore is now ChristianBookstore .Net). The focus of the Michigan based e316 Christian Bookstore is, naturally enough, Christian related products. The range of Christian books are a notable feature, but there other many other products also available, including software, music and videos. Amongst several other useful search tools, The Bible search feature is especially useful, and while not the fanciest website. or the biggest selection of books, e316.com does the things it does very well.
  • e316.com Christian Bookstore Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

eBay.com eBay is the largest auction website on the Internet, where you'll find both books and millions of other products in categories as diverse as you can imagine, and enabling trade on a local, national and international basis. You can find new and used books at eBay, and sometimes at a fraction of the full-price. If you've never used eBay before, then it's quite simple to create a free account and sign-up. eBay also operates a number of international sites, including Canada and UK, where a good selection of books can also be found.
  • eBay.com Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

eCampus The eCampus website, established in 1999, is aimed specifically at college students, and hence one can usually find some good deals on college textbooks and the like; you can also sell your old college textbooks on eCampus too. The eCampus mission is to provide the easiest, fastest, cheapest way for college and university students to buy textbooks and "stuff," and so, besides books, you'll also find art supplies, medical supplies, office supplies, and a whole range of other college essentials too.
  • eCampus Website      • Shipping Information      • Preview Books Save to My Bookstores 

ElephantBooks.com (ElephantBooks no longer appears to operate). ElephantBooks.com offers visitors a beautifully presented site, and concentrates exclusively on out-of-print, rare, and fine used books, and is a useful site to visit when trying to locate that elusive book. ElephantBooks also purchases certain quality used books (see website for more details). Libraries may find ElephantBooks particularly handy, where the Library Ordering Center can provide some useful resources in tracking down hard-to-find titles.
  • ElephantBooks.com Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Half.com Half.com (owned by eBay) enables users to buy and sell previously owned goods (books, music, movies etc) at discounted, but fixed, prices. (ie. unlike an auction where the item sells to the highest bidder). One can often find excellent deals here, and mint condition books can sometimes be found at heavy discounts. Half.com also provides a separate section for locating textbooks, and always has a comprehensive range of audiobooks available too.
  • Half.com Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Howells Book House Howell's publishing program, established in 1961 and acquired by John Wiley & Sons in 2001, includes some of the most authoritative titles on numerous dog breeds - and much more, with books and reference works that provide expert guidance in the care, behavior, training and enjoyment of dogs, cats, birds, horses, fish, reptiles and amphibians. Besides being found in the homes of pet owners, fanciers, trainers, and equestrians, Howell's books are equally often found in top libraries, and on the shelves of respected veterinarians around the world.
  • Howells Book House Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

John Wiley & Sons John Wiley & Sons, the book publishers, also host an impressive online bookstore, featuring their wide range of books and journals, from which books may be ordered by phone, by fax, by mail or online. The Wiley web-site is a pleasure to browse, with resources for casual visitors, authors, librarians and booksellers alike. With a history stretching all the way back to 1807, two hundred years ago, the Wiley brand is synonymous with professional and technical books, but browsing the website you'll quickly see that John Wiley & Sons now boasts a much broader range, including the ever-popular "For Dummies" series of books.
  • John Wiley & Sons Website      • Shipping Information      • Preview Books Save to My Bookstores 

Powells Powells, based in Portland, Oregon, is certainly amongst the better online bookstores, and sells both new and used books, besides operating several bricks and mortar stores in the Portland area too. On the Powells website, which went online in 1994, searching through Powells inventory of books is simple, and one can also find a wealth of other products and useful book-information too, such as the latest book awards, author interviews, eBooks, and a wide range of technical and textbooks.
  • Powells Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Sheet Music Plus Sheet Music Plus is one of the better-known online stores for purchasing sheet music, and carries over 410,000 songbooks, tabs, methods, singles, scores & more. Sheet Music Plus also has one of the best sheet-music search features, and customers can search for music by artist, by songbook title, by song name or composition, by instrument and other options too. The easy-to-navigate Sheet Music Plus website makes for simple, hassle-free music shopping.
  • Sheet Music Plus Website      • Shipping Information      • Preview Books Save to My Bookstores 

Sybex Sybex, part of John Wily & Sons, is one of the world's oldest and most respected publishers of computer books. The Sybex stable of titles range from the reputable "Mastering" best-sellers, used by millions of people to gain in-depth understanding of the latest computer topics, to certification Study Guides that help students prepare for challenging exams, to Maya Press books that service the needs of highly specialized 3D imaging and design markets; Sybex now offers more than a dozen unique book series.
  • Sybex Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

TextbookX TextbookX.com (formerly TextBooksAtCost.com), and operated by Akademos, is a leading online seller of new and used textbooks and other reading materials. Launched in the summer of 2002, and offering an inventory of nearly 1 million in-stock new and used titles, TextbookX offers customers a fully-integrated peer-to-peer marketplace for the purchase and sale of used books, and is a leading destination for students and educators across the country.
  • TextbookX Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

The Wall Street Journal Founded in 1889, and with a current circulation of nearly 2.1 million, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is amongst the most respected sources for news and business information, and ranks as one of the worlds’ leading business publications. From the WSJ website you can now enjoy discounts of up to 70% when you subscribe to either The Wall Street Journal print edition, delivered to your door each day, or when you subscribe to The Wall Street Journal Online.
  • The Wall Street Journal Website Save to My Bookstores 

USA TODAY USA TODAY is one of the most popular U.S. newspapers, with an easy-to-digest, concise format providing cutting-edge news, trends and analysis in four complete color sections - News, Money, Sports, and Life. From the USA TODAY website you can order a subscription for periods of up to two years, and enjoy big savings at the same time. The USA TODAY website also boasts a handy book section, where you can catch up on the latest book news.
  • USA TODAY Website Save to My Bookstores 

VarsityBooks (This site is now operated by Follet, providing used books, textbook rental, digital textbooks, apparel and gifts to K12 and higher education facilities). VarsityBooks.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Varsity Group Inc. Founded in 1997, the company was a pioneer in selling textbooks over the Internet directly to students and parents. Through the Varsity Partners program VarsityBooks.com offers private middle and high schools, colleges and distance learning organizations a premier online solution for outsourcing their textbook procurement and distribution.
  • VarsityBooks Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Walmart Wal-mart online store, while not a dedicated bookstore, does always have a good selection of books available, especially the latest bestsellers, and often provides cheaper shipping options than many of the other bookstores. Books which you purchase from Walmart can also be gift-wrapped, and with other gift options you can also choose to include a gift receipt. Of course, besides books, Walmart also offers a huge range of other products as well, with everything from garden furniture to electrical goods, DVDs and much else.
  • Walmart Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

World Book Store World Book Store is home to educational titles and collections such as The World Book Encyclopedia and other reference books, which are generally considered to be excellent works. World Book Store provides a wealth of titles for all age groups, but is an especially useful store if you're looking for reference books and learning materials for children. If you're looking to buy informative and educational volumes, then World Book Store should be amongst your first ports of call.
  • World Book Store Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Wrox Press Wrox Press was established in 1992 to publish books for computer programmers, and is driven by the Programmer to Programmer philosophy. Wrox books are written by programmers for programmers, and the Wrox brand, which owned by John Wiley Publishers, means authoritative solutions to real-world programming problems. At the Wrox website you can find information on current and upcoming Wrox titles, as well as errata and downloadable code for all Wrox titles found on the web-site; you can also purchase Wrox Press books via the site's online shopping cart.
  • Wrox Press Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

Zooba Bookclub (The Zooba brand no longer appears to operate. Now links to Book of The Month Club). Zooba, located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, is one of a number of book-clubs operated by Booksonline. Zooba offers the latest hardcover bestsellers plus a wide selection of titles, including Fiction and Nonfiction, Cooking and Diet, History and Current Affairs and much more, at only $9.95 each, and always with free shipping. Zooba is powered by Book-of-the-Month Club, a trusted source for books for over 80 years, since 1926.
  • Zooba Bookclub Website      • Shipping Information Save to My Bookstores 

   World Book Store

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