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Multiplication War Game Cards, Ages 8-Up, math games, multiplication tables, third grade math standards, playful learning

Multiplication War Game Cards, Ages 8-Up, math games, multiplication tables, third grade math standards, playful learning at Amazon.com

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ISBN: 0887432875 - Multiplication War Game Cards, Ages 8-Up, math games, multiplication tables, third grade math standards, playful learning  
Title:Multiplication War Game Cards, Ages 8-Up, math games, multiplication tables, third grade math standards, playful learning
Publisher:School Zone Publishing Company
Type:Book / Cards
Publication Date:15 April, 2015
ISBN / ISBN-13:0887432875  /  9780887432873
List Price:$2.99
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Editorial Review / Publisher's Information:

Product Description
Make multiplication more fun times 10! Does your child need help with multiplication but dread learning it? Then turn it into a game with these fun and colorful underwater-themed cards! Multiplication Math War Game Cards create a playful and competitive way to help third, fourth and fifth graders practice their basic multiplication facts. Your child and a friend can play together, each flipping over cards and solving them. The player with the highest card value wins both cards. After a few rounds of this game, your child will be ready for those flash cards and timed tests at school! Helping kids master multiplication is so important! It relates to learning division, percentages and algebra basics, and it s essential for calculations like tripling recipes, planning travel times/mileage, or finding square footage. Understanding properties of multiplication and the ability to multiply are Common Core third-grade objectives.

Learning skills through gameplay is an excellent strategy for many reasons. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics encourages the use of math games because they are fun and motivating, and games also tend to help students deepen their understanding and reasoning. Because games feel more like play than work, they can encourage kids to explore and experiment with math concepts more freely and can reduce the stress of viewing math as nothing more than problems. On the other hand, when framed as a game, problem-solving persistence tends to grow. The reason to keep at it becomes tied to performance at the game rather than the subject matter. Unlike math assignments, kids choose to participate in the game but are also making choices about their moves and strategies. Along with anticipating the outcomes of their decisions, they can immediately assess their success. Math games also make a great bridge between home and school, giving parents a chance to see kids progress while also having fun together as a family. Multiplication War Game Cards offer great possibilities for parents working together with kids, and kids working with friends and siblings. Increased interaction can actually increase learning. Games also help develop soft skills such as instilling a healthy sense of competition, teaching kids how to win and lose with grace, and improving through effort and practice.

This Multiplication Math War Game Cards pack includes 52 game cards, 1 Answer Card, and 1 Parent Card with rules and game ideas. Numbers on the cards are written in bold, block style on thick, glossy cardstock, and the cards have rounded corners for easy sorting.

Game cards offer many of the advantages of flash cards. While playing games kids are essentially practice testing, which is one of the most effective learning techniques available. A hundred years of research shows practice testing is highly likely to boost retention. Game cards offer a fun, fast, easy, way to apply new information and important concepts, while building speed and accuracy, and in this case, developing math fluency. Repeatedly seeing patterns, problems, and information builds and strengthens memory and memory pathways. Multiplication Math War Game Cards offer big learning power packed with near-endless possibilities.

Multiplication Math War Game Cards, in addition to developing multiplication skills, help sharpen focus and eye-hand coordination. Tuck these flash cards into a backpack, tote bag, or carry-on bag, and pull them out for on-the-spot fun and learning. Math War Multiplication Game Cards will playfully reinforce the times tables and help create a strong foundation for moving on to higher-level math.

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